Decrease emotional/social isolation from families and friends by providing a nurturing environment for growth and development

Mentor through one-on-one support groups

Build positive/healthy self esteem

Arrange prison visitation to incarcerated parent(s). Break the potential cycle of incarceration passed from parent-to-child.

Network with organizations with similar vision.

Provide educational support through tutoring and referrals to resource agencies

Promote community service·  

Mentors are Important  

Our Misson

G.I.R.L. Inc.
Got the Intelligence to Rule my Life



Our Purpose

G.I.R.L is a 501c3 nonprofit mentoring organization that serves young girls (ages 10-18) whose parents are/were incarcerated, military deported, or absent. We strive to empower young girls to see their self-worth while developing skills for the real world.


National studies have shown that mentoring programs decrease:

-Education deficits

*98% of the youths paired with mentors stayed in school

-Illegal drug use

*85% of youths who had a mentor did not use drugs

-Teen pregnancy
*98% of teens matched with mentors avoid teen pregnancy